Wahl Power Station for Cordless Clipper / Trimmer / Shaver

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Wahl Professional Multi-Charge 3 tools at once Power Station Multi-ports allow the user to charge three tools simultaneously.

  • Multi-Charge three Wahl Professional cordless tools at once.
  • Quickly charge three tools in the time it takes to charge one. - Fully Customizable: Includes six removable tool inserts to choose which tools get charged and when.
  • Includes USB-C port: Use the charging stand to charge other accessories such as phones, mobile payment devices, and/or tablets.
  • Space-saving cord design reduces clutter and allows the stand to be placed flush against a wall.
  • The power station allows for direct contact charging, which is the fastest, most efficient way to recharge your Wahl-cutting devices

wahl powerstation

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