Palms Exclusive Santana SMP Class in NYC

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Palms Exclusive Event - Santana SMP Class in NYC July 14th - 16th (Sun - Tue)

Academy by Santana & Co is a leading educational course that specializes in training individuals in the art and technique of scalp micro-pigmentation. The academy was founded by Sam Garcia, a renowned SMP practitioner, and educator.

SMP artists are in high demand, attracting career changers. Micro scalp pigmentation costs $1500-$4000 per session, yielding up to $24k annually per client.

The hair loss industry is booming, with SMP as a top choice. Anticipated annual revenue for SMP artists ranges from $50k to $1 million+. This career offers financial security and boosts self-confidence, combining aesthetic fulfillment with lucrative earnings potential.

Take an advantage of this opportunity by purchasing SC Shadow SMP tool from Palms to get $1000 off Santana SMP Class (normally $4000 class to $3000 with this offer)

To contact Santana Co about the NYC class

  • message Sam for more detail on the class and how to reserve the spot on this exclusive spot (only a few seats remaining for July date)
  • or call Sam G at 817-372-4770

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