Professional Clipper Comb 9.5 inch - YS PARK 282 Style

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Professional Flattop Clipper Comb 9.5 “. Made in Japan - (YS PARK 282 Style) Large Clipper Comb

Heat Resistant 220’ C 

White & Black

Large, classic clipper comb with professional quality and innovation.

Designed for all kinds of clipper-over-comb work including fades, tapers, and flat tops. It's made with extra-rigid teeth to ensure they won't flex under your clippers, giving you precise results.

The handle's been molded with a non-slip, "leather" pattern and has an ergonomic shape that helps you hold the 282 comfortably and securely. There's also a large hook eye to make it easy to hang the comb up at the end of the day.

The spine feature section holes spaced at centimeter intervals making it simple to measure even sections. The teeth have a gradual pitch that gives each hair section an even, secure hold.

The Comb is 9.5" long by 2" wide and is available in 2 colors: Carbon (black) or White.

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