Holiday Sale - Cocco X Habibe Sunglasses Combo Sale

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Choose Any Cocco Clipper or Trimmer X Get Habibe Aviator Sunglasses
Cocco X Habibe Sale

Habibe has partnered with Cocco Hair Pro to bring you a limited edition package that includes the Hyper Veloce Digital Gap clipper and the exclusive Habibe wood aviator. This aviator is made with a premium stainless steel frame, spring-loaded round duwood arms with adjustable acetate tips, and custom tint Habibe lenses for outside or inside and day or night wearing. The Hyper Veloce clipper boasts a professional high torque brushless motor with unmatched power and low noise. The pro graphite blades deliver a smooth effortless cutting experience while the 0 to 19mm blade adjustment levels are unmatched in precision. This set comes complete in our custom wood box packaging. While Supplies Last - ONLY Valid During Black Friday Sales Period.

  • Clippers or Trimmer - 1-year warranty
  • Glasses - 1 year warranty


  • NEW Limited Edition Color
  • NEW Design & Comfortable Grip with easy power on/off thumb-shift
  • Digital Gap™ Ambassador Graphene Taper Blade Pre-Installed 
  • Base Charging Station
  • Digital Gap™ Technology
  • Set of 8 Cocco Premium Guards

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