COCCO Pro All Metal Hair Trimmer - Gold # CPBT-GOLD (Dual Voltage)

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COCCO Pro All Metal Hair Trimmer - Gold # CPBT-GOLD (Dual Voltage)

PROFESSIONAL HIGH TORQUE BRUSHLESS MOTOR: Worid class BLDC motor delivers ultra-smooth unmatched power, low noise, and longevity for an ultimate cutting experience.

LONG LASTING AND FAST CHARGING LITHIUM-ION BATTERY: Lithium-ion batteries charge to full charge in 3 hours and provide 2 hours of run-time, allowing continuous usage for busy days. The blue light will blink while charging is in process. Once fully charged, the battery indicator illuminates a solid blue, and you are ready to go!

PRO GRAPHITE STEEL BLADES: Cocco Pro trimmer features a world-class graphite digital gap blade with an integrated skin protection system; The Graphite blade provides natural lubrication, low friction, and temperature during continuous use. The graphite blade stays sharper and longer, delivering a smooth, effortless cutting experience. Digital Gap" T

BLADE FOR DETAILING STYLING: Cocco Pro trimmer features zero overlap precision ground T-blade providing a super-close, clean shave without causing razor bumps; ideal for perfect all-around outlining, dry-shaving, and fading.

PRO ALLMETAL CLIPPER+SPECIAL DESIGN: Cocco Pro trimmer features all-metal aluminum alloy housing with ultralight weight technology, making it ideal for professional use. The unique design gives a better visual while cutting, which helps to get precision results every time.

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