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Introducing the WezTeck One Blade - the revolutionary hair clipper blade that allows you to adjust the cutting length from #0 to #2 without having to remove or replace any guard. With its advanced technology, the One Blade makes it easier and faster to achieve the perfect look for your client, whether it's a buzz cut or a textured crop.

Upgrade your hair-cutting game with the WezTeck One Blade and experience the difference for yourself!

Hair Clippers WezTeck is Compatible with:

  • Wahl: 5 Star, Legend, Senior, Magic Clip
  • Babyliss: Fx, Limited Fx, Snap Fx, Limited LoProFx, Boost+
  • Andis: Envy Li, Beauty Master
  • JRL: FreshFade 2020C
  • Gamma: X-Ergo, Mag Ergo, Boosted, Absolute Alpha, Protégé, Skin Professional
  • Stylecraft: Instinct , Mythic, Saber, Apex, Rebel, Rogue, Ergo, Protégé, Absolute Alpha

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